The 6th Scientific meeting of the Asian Federation of Osteoporosis Societies (AFOS) was held at Century Park Hotel, Manila. This was organized by the Osteoporosis Society of the Philippines Foundation, Inc. (OSPFI). This was attended by 470 multinational delegates.

IM-RHEUMACON 21 December 2019

To quote Dr. Navarra at the conferment of the Doña Victoria Ty Tan Professorial Chair in Medical Education, “…a weekly exercise among medical seniors to choose between planet or plastic, I am incessantly amazed and

Christmas Rheum for Kids Teens 08 December 2019

While Christmas is a season for everyone to enjoy, it should also be a season worth dedicating to the children. Too often, it has been said that Christmas is for children, and there really is some truth to this.

Meet and Greet Christmas Party 08 December 2019

December is a season of joy. We can already feel that Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone seems busy with a lot of preparations . However, for our
family and friends who are suffering from

Region I Christmas party 07 December 2019

Christmas for tropical countries, like the Philippines, is often associated, not with cold weather, but with sunshine. The Region 1 Lupus Support Group’s 1st
Christmas party was held at Ilocos Training and Regional Medical Center (ITRMC) Motorpool Building Conference Room.

PEARL Christmas Party 13 October 2019

In the Philippines, Christmas season kicks off at the start of the so-called “BER months”. For this year, the annual Christmas party of People empowerment for arthritis and lupus (PEARL)

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Week 23 October 2019

The UST Section of Rheumatology celebrated MSK week at the Gazebo function room, Clinical Division building of UST Hospital along España Blvd in Manila, last October 23, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 12 PM.

“Salin Yaman” by Dr. Sandra Navarra 24 October 2019

To realize that a man of such stature and influence has walked the halls of this prestigious institution, we can’t help but feel immensely grateful that most of us here, in one way or another have been witness to his journey.