About us

RETFI (Rheumatology Educational Trust Foundation, Inc.)

The Rheumatology Educational Trust Foundation, Inc. (RETFI) is a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization, committed to providing the highest quality of care for rheumatic disease patients through education and research.


The Rheumatology Educational Trust Foundation, Inc will be the most valued partner of the medical community and other key stakeholders in shaping the healthcare environment for patients with rheumatic diseases in the Philippines and internationally.


  • We will continuously work to provide happier and healthier lives for patients with rheumatic diseases.
  • We will provide the best quality of care to patients with rheumatic diseases by:
    • Promoting and strengthening undergraduate medical education in Rheumatology.
    • Training and supporting rheumatologists to be compassionate, ethical and globally competitive
  • We will support and promote continuing medical education and research in the field of rheumatology with outputs recognized both locally and internationally
  • We will constantly evaluate, innovate and improve the quality of our programs depending on the current needs of both the doctors and the patients
  • We will serve as a liaison between rheumatologists and various support institutions
  • We will positively contribute to the medical community
  • We will manage our resources effectively to ensure trust from our donors
  • We will network with leading experts in Rheumatology in Asia and the rest of the world.


Help SUPPORT these programs by:

Cheques addressed to Rheumatology Educational Trust Foundation, inc, or RETFI

Bank transfer to Security Bank Corp (UST branch) swift code SETC-PHMM

Peso account no. 0171-023583-001

US dollar account no. 0171-023583-200.