Topic or case, Date Discussion points Faculty/ Fellows IM Res Resource (spec) DL*: PQ,CS,PPS Remarks
INTRO. Lecture: SLE Disease Activity Measures. Oct 10 SLE disease activity assessments: Practice points LDZ           —-     Lecture
Pregnancy in a patient with stable lupus nephritis (LN). Oct 17 Pregnancy in SLE: Need to know LST/DCC Sara Chaves Ditas Decena (OB)   Lecture (SVN), case discussion
Lupus nephritis (LN) patient develops edema, hypertension, renal insufficiency during pregnancy. Nov 14 LN flare, hypertension in pregnancy LLL,LST/DTM,DCC Alejandro Arivan Ramon M. Gonzalez (OB), Stephanie Andres (Nephro)


DTM Chan??

  Case discussion
(1PM) Fever, deteriorating kidney function, ovarian mass. (8PM)Thrombocytopenia in APS. Nov 21 Causes of renal dysfunction in SLE.


APS-associated thrombocytopenia

MAV, LLL/ EDM Margarita Peña, Kami Badion (1PM)Ditas Decena (OB), Stephanie Andres (Nephro). (8PM) Flordeluna Mesina (Hema).  Michelle Petri (Johns Hopkins)   (1PM)Case discussion Part 1

(8PM) Case discussion Part 2 + lecture

(8AM): Febrile neutropenia, sepsis in a pregnant lupus patient, (1PM) with cutaneous flare. Nov 28 Drugs in pregnancy.


Skin in SLE

MMC,LDZ/MCC, EDM Kevin Fregil, Dennis Moleta (8AM) Katherine Angelo-Dela Cruz (OB), Rhona Bergantin (ID). (1PM) Nelfa Paliza (Derma), Rogelio Balagat (Rheum-Derma)   (8AM) Case discussion Part 1


(1PM) Case discussion Part 2

Prolonged fever, visual loss, CNS involvement in male SLE. Dec 05 Causes of retinopathy in SLE. Neuro-imaging SMR, SRB/HRB Rafael Vivar Juan S. Lopez (Ophtha), Melissa De Leon (Neuro), John S. Delgado (ID)   Lecture (Govoni recording), Case discussion
SLE patient presents with prolonged fever, episodes of hyponatremia, and deteriorating consciousness. Dec 12 Causes of prolonged fever in a lupus patient who develops SIADH and acute hydrocephalus SRB, SVN/DTM Shane Villamonte,


Daisy I. Tagarda (ID), Vicente Rosales (Neuro), Juan Javier T. Lichauco, Gerald B. Natanauan   Case discussion
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