PRA Re-Accreditation on UST Pediatric Rheumatology (JBC, UST Hospital, 17 Nov 2017)

Last November 17, 2017 the Department of Pediatrics, Section of Pediatric Rheumatology was again re-accredited by the Philippine Rheumatologic Association for another 3 years. The chief of section, Dr. Christine Bernal, together with the section’s training officer, Dr. Theresa Collante presented to the accreditors the census, the training program and achievements of the section for the past 3 years. From their last visit in May 2015, the accreditors were pleased to see an increasing trend in the patient census as well as the achievement of the section for the past 3 years. The accreditors who visited the University of Santo Tomas, Section of Pediatric Rheumatology were Drs. Merle Y. Barba, Emmanuel C. Perez, and Cristina C. Abella. The re-accreditation aims to ensure that the standards of fellowship training of the section is at par with the changing times and it aspires to provide continuing commitment to excellence in Pediatric Rheumatology training to give the highest standard quality of care for the Filipino children.