PEARL The Patient, the Artist

Eloisa Aguinaldo  20 y.o. This however did not stop her from discovering and cultivating cultivating her talent – doing cross-stitches despite her hand deformities  One of her masterpieces is the “Madonna and Child” cross-stich with a dimension of 2 x 3 feet










Edrick John “EJ” AnasariasEJ has been diagnosed with Psoriasis at the age of 13 and Psoriatic Arthritis at the age of 22. He learned to live with his pain and deformities by doing what his heart desires, and that is sketching, drawing, photography and reading. All in all, he created more than 500 extraordinarily beautiful artworks. He wants people to know that nothing can stop him from making his dreams a reality.












Monique was diagnosed to have lupus in 2009. Despite her disease, she has excelled as a student, a painter, and a pianist. She bakes the most delicious red velvet cupcakes and loves watching musicals. Her masterpiece “the Little Mermaid” delights the kids at the UST hospital pediatrics ward.Monique Estrella