Manila. For the 1st time the UST Hospital Department of Internal Medicne, conducted an Intensive Preceptorial Course in Internal Medicine (IPCIM). It was a three day affair wherein the first day they had informative lectures given by different sections of the IM department. Then on the 2nd day of the IPCIM‘s activity, a tour of UST Hospital Ancillary services was conducted. Among the areas visited included Benavides Cancer Institute, Diabetes Center, Heart Station, Cardiovascular Catheterization and Intervention Unit, Center for Respiratory Medicine, Endoscopy Unit, Center for Kidney Diseases and lastly the Joint and Bone Center. There were eight delegates who were part of the tour. And together with the delegates were the residents and Dr. Marilyn Ong-Mateo, the department chairman of Internal Medicine.

The delegates were divided into two groups for the tour. The first group were Dr. Ruth Peñaflorida from General Santos, Dr. Judy Ann Mioten from Iloilo, Dr. Vez Respicio from Aklan and Dr. Rosalie Isidro from Aurora. They were oriented on the different services offered at the Joint and Bone Center (JBC) by Dr. Leonid Zamora, our Chief fellow who just graduated recently. Among the services offered at the Joint and Bone center includes Outpatient/Ambulatory intravenous pulse therapy infusion of biologics for different autoimmune diseases such as SLE with Nephritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Juvenile Idiopathic arthritis catering both to adult and

Another service offered at the JBC is the Bone Densitometry using Lunar DPX-IQ Bone Densitometer. It was explained to the delegates that it has the capability to perform central and peripheral bone densitometry, with regular precision studies according to international standards, and performed by a certified radiotechnician, specifically trained in bone densitometry techniques.

We also have Synovial Fluid examination using light and polarized microscopy for crystal identification. This is essential in the diagnosis of Crystal Induced Arthropathies and are performed in the center under the supervision of rheumatologists specially trained in synovial fluid examination. In the picture directly above, Dr. Aime Fabila, the current Chief fellow of Rheumatology explained to some of the delegates the MSU crystals seen in Gout that was mounted on the Polarizing microscope.

Here is the 2nd batch of the IPCIM delegates: Dr. Rosalie Isidro from Aurora, Dr. Chester Directo from La Union, Dr. Gilberto Fernandez from Cebu and Dr. Earl Barrientos from Davao. They were also given the lecture from Dr. Zamora on a brief history of JBC and the different services offered by the facility.

The said event was also graced by the presence of our Section Chief in Rheumatology, Dr. Sandra V. Navarra who also shared with the delegates some of the common rheumatologic diseases seen in our locality.