February 2015 Lupus Arthritis Clinics report


University of Santo Tomas Hospital, Manila, Philippines
by Cheryl Anne D. Tan, MD

The monthly Lupus and Arthritis Clinics were conducted last February 14 and 21 respectively at the Angelo King Auditorium located at the Clinical Division, 2nd floor of the University of Santo Tomas Hospital. The lupus clinic held on the second Saturday, was attended by 24 SLE patients and 15 caregivers with a total of 39 attendees. The lupus and arthritis clinic held on the 3rd Saturday of the month was attended by 13 patients (composed of 9 SLE, 1 MCTD, 1 rheumatoid arthritis, 1 osteoarthritis and 1 with adhesive capsulitis) and 9 caregivers, with a total of 22 attendees. 

Last February 14, the lupus clinic kicked off with a presentation of the PEARL, Davao postgrad and ARMS videos which happened last February 6-7, 2015 in Davao City, as well as the video of “We are all God’s children” which was the UST rendition of the official papal visit theme song, penned and sung originally by Ms. Jaime Rivera. The videos showcased the talents of our patients with chronic and debilitating diseases, further empowering them of the many things that they can do despite lupus and arthritis.

After the presentation of the videos, patient consultation then followed which was facilitated by the fellows from UST Hospital and St. Luke’s Medical Center. A simple snack was also served for the attendees.

These exercises were demonstrated to the patients where they also eagerly followed and familiarized themselves with, so they can do it at the convenience of their homes. Patients were encouraged to seek their doctor’s advice regarding the exercises that they can do, to ensure a balanced life, even with a debilitating illness. After the brief lectures, consultation then followed, facilitated by the Rheumatology fellows. Food was also served for the attendees to feast on while waiting for their turn to see their doctor.

The lupus and arthritis clinics continue to achieve its goal in empowering the patients through the lectures, and remind them of the importance of constant follow-up to maintain disease remission. Many patients have achieved a good quality of life, depsite lupus and arthritis, because of good patient follow-up and, proper medical management through a team approach.

*The Lupus and Arthritis Clinics are supported by the LUISA (Lupus Inspired Advocacy) and PEARL (People Empowerment for Arthritis and Lupus) programs of Rheumatology Educational Trust Foundation, Inc. (RETFI)