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Our mission is to provide the highest standard of care for rheumatic disease patients, the public and the medical community through pursuit of excellence in EDUCATION and RESEARCH.

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  • Both soft  fierce can coexist and still be powerful
    Both soft + fierce can coexist and still be powerful. Goodnight.
  • Nothing about us without us Hear our voices VoicesOfLupus VoiceForLupus
    Nothing about us, without us. Hear our voices.  #VoicesOfLupus   #VoiceForLupus 
  • Most people with depression talk about this illness and say
    Most people with depression talk about this illness and say that it hurts like hell, or that it’s crying in despair, that it’s self-harming, taking drugs or getting a meltdown. That it’s feeling unimportant or useless. But no one ever talks about when you just lock yourself in your room, hating any sign of light creeping from the window, with a hole inside of you that you don’t know how to fix because you actually have everything that you need. The not wanting to do anything. Just lying on the bed with the blanket on. The feeling of emptiness that
  • My childrens name Leigh Dwight in Sanskrit beautifully covering my
    My children’s name “Leigh Dwight” in Sanskrit- beautifully covering my ugly past. I’m so happy! I finally did it! ♥️
  • We are the voicesoflupus lupusawareness lupuswarriors
  • The butterfly is a symbol for Lupus Its a representative
    The butterfly is a symbol for Lupus. It’s a representative of one of the common symptoms of lupus- the butterfly rash. The color purple and ribbon represents hope for lupus patients. Had this tattooed on my right arm to constantly remind me that there will always be hope thus I should always stay strong.  #LupusAwareness 
  • worldlupusday2018 voicesoflupus
  • If I die tomorrow and God will ask me So
    If I die tomorrow and God will ask me, “So Cassie, how did you live your life?” I’d answer him, “Lord, I lived most of my life by not letting anyone make me feel guilty for living it my way. I’ve been through a lot because I didn’t settle. I learned a lot of lessons because I lived my life not by the conventional way of what is right for others. Because of these lessons, I was able to empathize and sympathize without prejudice. I felt genuine and intense happiness by disregarding whatever my happiness looked like to others just
  • 051318 I met alot of colupuswarriors and heard so many
    05/13/18 I met alot of co #lupuswarriors  and heard so many inspiring words of wisdom from Ms.Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo and Dr.Marthony Basco I even bought a copy of their book entitled "hope for the butterflies"  #worldlupusday   #voicesoflupus 
  • Earlier today mothersday we spent our morning celebrating worldlupusday A
    Earlier today,  #mothersday  we spent our morning celebrating  #worldlupusday . A condition affecting mostly mothers during their life’s most productive years (Fact: Lupus Moms can have kids). I began to get interested in this condition as a medical student when I had a health scare with my beloved mom when she developed  #erythemanodosum  but transient  #antibodies . Mama STVN (Prof Sandra Navarra) got me hooked in unraveling this enigmatic disease and the rest is history. I’m thankful to Tita Gee and Tita Boots Anson Roa-Rodrigo, a  #lupus  advocate who shared on how adversity shapes a person, and oftentimes, for the better. Happy
  • We need your support! lupusawareness voicesoflupus lupuswarriors
    We need your support!  #lupusawareness   #voicesoflupus   #lupuswarriors 
  • I think one of the worst parts of having Lupus
    I think one of the worst parts of having Lupus is how it sometimes destroy your will power to defeat it and live a normal life. You can have flares for days and handle it well; then one day you just lose it because you embraced the pain for so long that you eventually get to a point where you just can't do it anymore. After a period of comfortless misery, you pick yourself up and begin the cycle again.


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